The Share Offer Document contains all you need to know about our share offer and the application form.

Press release 14 September 2012 here:Jesse Norman MP supports Woolhope Woodheat Press Release

Press release 20 July 2012 here: Interest Blossoms in Woodfuel Cooperative

Press release 20 June 2012 here: Woodfuel cooperative offers a greener place for your moneyPress photos available.

The Woolhope Dome Community Woodfuel Rules  – our legal founding document

March 2012 Leaflet is our current general information leaflet

Woolhope Dome Community Woodfuel Carbon reduction gives some technical background to why this is a genuine carbon reducing project.



There are several (older) information sheets available – for information only and not to be used as basis for investment:

Sheet 1: Information for Landowners Supplying Wood to the Project

Sheet 2: Information for Landowners who may host the Wood Chip Processing Operation

Sheet 3: Information for Organisations wishing to install Community Owned Wood-Chip Boilers

Sheet 4: Information for Prospective Members of the Co-operative