Installation schedule on track

Today we started the process of pre-ordering the boiler to make sure that everything’s ready for installation as soon as possible after the share offer concludes. We can’t pay a deposit until that point, but somewhere in Austria the manufacturer is getting their tools together to build our first boiler – an exciting moment.

Meanwhile the share dial is moving upwards again, although summer-break slowly! We are absolutely committed to have as many members as possible and spread out the ownership and benefits of the project. If you have already applied for shares, now is a good time to make sure anyone you know who may want some gets their application in. If you’ve not got a copy of our share offer document yet, please send us your details and we’ll get one out in the post, or download it from this website.  If you are still mulling it over, it would definitely give us a big lift if you were to take the plunge soon.

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